fascinating detail in the Oath Keepers indictment -- their idea of opsec was to email each other photos of handwritten notes done in *cursive* to prevent machines from scanning the text.

shocked this didn't work. utterly flabbergasted those notes are transcribed in the indictment.

@cicatriz_jdr Where did you read/hear this? I can't find it in a web search.


as i said, it's in the indictment. i am a pervert that reads pleadings myself because i (reasonably) don't trust reporters to understand them.


@cicatriz_jdr Thanks! Found a copy of the indictment at jonathanturley.org/wp-content/ though I probably could have found it at a more official location if I knew how to find such things.

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@cicatriz_jdr I guess I could have searched for "US v Rhodes" if I'd realized that was the name of the case.

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