Hello Fediverse!
Veloren is an open source, open world, multiplayer voxel RPG in active development. Looking forward to engaging with people here!



@veloren Being on Mastodon you should mention that it’s written in Rust! Lots of Rust fans here.

Also, are those untextured voxels I see? Untextured voxels are the best voxels. Marching cubes + procedural textures could be cool, too.

@freakazoid Voxels are untextured though there is a 3x3 noise pattern on all terrain blocks (effectively a procedural texture). Unlike Minecraft block colour is separate from block kind in Veloren and procedurally applied.
We currently don't use marching cubes but have discussed using them for water blocks

@freakazoid Promoting your software as "written in Rust" is a double edged sword. All the rustaceans get excited and everyone else is annoyed at the project claiming a programming language as a feature 😛
We love Rust though! I believe Veloren would not be able to scale to so many contributors as easily with other languages. Rust does a great job of encouraging consistent formatting and style through tools like cargo check and clippy.

@veloren Programming language *is* a feature for an open source project. Contributors are a lot harder to find than users.

@freakazoid I'd personally agree. Veloren's largest audience is currently with gamers who know nothing about FOSS (the project started with a bunch of disenchanted Cube World fans). Many of then get confused because of facepunch's survival fps game. Surprisingly most consistent contributors learned rust through Veloren. Many had never engaged with FOSS or coded before.
I went ahead and added #rust to the account description 👍

@veloren I’m super interested in water simulation. Not so much realistic look as realistic behavior, with rivers and aquifers being fed by (average/seasonal) rainfall. Infinite water source blocks annoy me.

@freakazoid Right now we simulate rivers only at map generation and water blocks aren't dynamic. Simulating pressure gives water many more uses but is more expensive (see water simulation in Dwarf Fortress). Minecraft does not simulate pressure and works with large time steps to decrease costs. There is a feature branch with river current forces that will hopefully be merged eventually though water mechanics are mostly unworked on so far

@veloren You can also deactivate the simulation at the block/macroblock/chunk level when they’re at equilibrium.

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