I'm looking for a full sized, low profile, ISO layout mechanical keyboard for a gift, any good recommendations?

@mgdelacroix Was about to recommend the UHK but it's not full size. The programmability makes up for it for me, though. And now that I've used a split tented keyboard I don't think I'll ever use anything else.

@freakazoid the UHK looks amazing TBH, but although I could go for a normal profile one, my understanding is that the numpad and F keys row are non-negociable for the future owner 😅


@mgdelacroix Sounds like they might appreciate an IBM model F or M keyboard with a Soarer's converter, though that's definitely not low-profile. Usable for self defense in a pinch though, especially the 1501100 which was all steel.

@freakazoid I think if I give her a model M or F, the one in need of self defense would be myself :P

I think she would be more into something lighter and less retro looking, but finding anything full sized (not even low profile) with an ISO layout is proving to be a challenge

@mgdelacroix Gaming keyboards are often full-sized. A search for "ISO gaming keyboard" turned up this one which looks pretty nice.


@freakazoid actually, that one is great! In white, with a set of custom keycaps... it could be the one :)

I'll check some others as well, as this one only comes with Gateron Browns and I was looking for installing something a bit more silent like reds, but it's a great fit

Thanks a lot for the suggestion!

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