"Is 'acceptably non-dystopian' self-sovereign identity even possible?"

An essay about self-sovereign identity, decentralized identity, verifiable credentials, soulbound tokens, and all those other terms that have been flying around lately.



@molly0xfff While I am generally pro-cryptocurrency, I've always been skeptical of attempts to bind keys to human beings. This is the best write-up I've seen for why that probably can't (or shouldn't) be made to work.

Intuitively, it seems like attempts to use technology to bypass "natural" social networks and thus our intuitive trust mechanisms end up being on net harmful. This is not to say that we shouldn't strive to minimize the amount of trust needed, just that we are often replacing it with misplaced trust in bad systems like Amazon ratings or Reddit votes.

I think it was @pixouls who said (or boosted?) something along the lines of "trustless systems tend to benefit the least trustworthy". This essay reminded me of that.

Thanks for writing this!

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