"This happens when using Chrome-based browsers. Chrome tries to find out if someone is messing up with the DNS (i.e. wildcard DNS servers to catch all domains). Chrome does this by issuing DNS requests to randomly generated domain names with between 7 and 15 characters

"In a normal setup this results in a “No such name” response from your DNS server. If the DNS server you use has a wildcard setup, each of these requests will result in a response (which is normally even the same) so Chrome knows that there is someone messing around with DNS responses."

So, Chrome checks to see if you're doing DNS adblocking. Fuckin' Google.


@drwho I don't think pi-hole does return answers for those? The FAQ seems to just be explaining why they show up in its log.

@freakazoid The Pi-Hole doesn't. It should return an NXDOMAIN. Chrome is treating it as "The local DNS can't be trusted, so I'll start using Google's DNSes," which means it's collecting net.activity. Coupled with their breaking the knees of adblocking with Manifest v3, and...

Fuck. Hang on, quick game of Gunshots or Fireworks.,

@freakazoid Fireworks. Somebody let off a handful of M80's all at once.

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