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Rain's here. Fog, too. Glad my flight doesn't leave for another 11 hours.

Nice warm car to sit on. He got mud all over my co-worker's roof and windshield. Nandi Hills, outside of Bangalore.

The view out the window by my desk in our Bangalore office. There is a literal wall between socioeconomic classes.

It's finally cycling! I had to fix a few leaks first, though: two from not tightening unions enough, one of which required removing two others to get to, and the other because the person who assembled it at the aquarium store didn't realize the two gaskets for the overflow box were actually four gaskets and installed both on the inside of the aquarium.

Finally got tired of dragging buckets of water up the stairs. Sure, it'll drop the salt level in the aquarium, but it's not stocked yet.

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My son bought a Soviet gas mask from Ukraine. This came in a canister of circular pieces of filter paper that came with it. From the "1978" on here and the 79 in the serial number on the charcoal filter canister I'm guessing it's from 1978 or 79.

Weirdly I can still see his messages in my notifications but can't boost them. So polite of him to let me know he blocked me.

"Even the CEO of Bird seems to acknowledge this, telling The Information that he doesn't believe market share is important for scooter profitability. Instead, he says, what's important is to actually stop losing money every time they buy and rent out a scooter."

Will Scootermania End With A Crash?


I knew about all the racial profiling on Nextdoor, but I wasn't aware of these other apps and how popular they are. Yeesh. It's almost like the Internet exists to exacerbate all of our worst traits.

The rise of fear-based social media like Nextdoor, Citizen, and now Amazon’s Neighbors


"Edit" information? INSIDE the computer?

You will die in a cyclone in Mozambique Show more

Here's a picture of the slide That's a real picture of a real laser.