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Kids found this in the backyard. It had been sitting on the 4 year old's bookshelf and I just thought it was a dirty nickel. Liz looked more closely and discovered it's a 1930 buffalo nickel. She's cleaned it up quite a bit. retro.social/media/y3Yg1zcw-Gj retro.social/media/qZNWy5Xdt2R

@ddipaola it lives! The adapter I bought does work. I used QEMU and a USB to IDE adapter to install FreeDOS on a 300 MB FAT16 partition just to be as conservative as possible. I'll see if I can make other partitions. retro.social/media/ddw0s11tcHB

XT (bottom) vs AT (top). Backquote and tilde are at their modern location, but escape is on the number pad. The AT keyboard is noticeably lighter due to the plastic bottom. retro.social/media/hopViy5_CgW

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I got GEOS 2.0r booted, at least. I can't key it to any of the app disks that I downloaded from cbmfiles, though, so I'm guessing I need to do something to "install" those first. retro.social/media/dT4seLD43je

European appliances make my tiny (for the US) laundry room seem spacious. This was a tiny vestigial room left over from the previous owner's remodel. It had been used for storage, and we'd been thinking about using it as a playroom for the kids. We decided to get a ventless heat pump dryer to avoid the cost and disruption of adding a vent, and venting air from the living space is a waste of energy anyway. retro.social/media/HkSc1punBWm

Forgot I had this little screen. It has HDMI, VGA, and composite inputs, so it should be useful for retrocomputing. It also has a switched USB port which seems to be able to power the Pi I run Pi1541 on. Nice to be able to avoid pulling the plug out constantly. Might switch to USB storage too so I can stop having to power it down and pull the SD card to mess with the files.

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That's how many socks I had to take out of the clean laundry basket before finally finding the second of the pair in the center.

My brain always interprets this picture as a person launching shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles at a flock of extremely large birds. When I told my wife that she said "That's not what that is?"

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These lights trigger my trypophobia. Which is not so much of a phobia in my case as a slight squeamishness.

That bright light is not the reflection of my flash but an LED sign at the elementary school behind my house. Its super distracting even with the sun still up. I have been down there at night and it completely lights the front of the houses across the street. They leave it on all night long.

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