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The <marquee> tag causes text to scroll as if on a marquee.

The <marquis> tag takes over all the user's screen real estate and then makes them pay rent to use it.

The use of low-key to mean "very" makes me wonder how many other shifts in the meaning of words comes from young people's deliberate use of words to mean their opposite.

As opposed to simple idiocy as in the case of "I could care less."

@schlink I cannot abide the use of low-key to mean "very".

@rain In each case the thing that made it possible was the same thing that motivates me to learn languages: I had a specific, personal use case.

@rain Yeah, it's a challenge. My two most successful open source contributions to date each came from filling a specific need that I had. One was integrating ODE (physics engine) with Soya3d (Python 3d game engine) because I wanted physics. The other was a Python wrapper for Dan Bernstein's libnacl, because none existed at the time. It got linked from the nacl front page and I started getting PRs even though I had no idea anyone had ever noticed it.

Sonar VR, horror Show more

Since we're pretty good at doing 3d audio these days, there's no reason we couldn't use a headset with a mic to produce realistic echoes and thus "sonar VR". I would think it would be far less computationally demanding than optical VR. And it wouldn't produce VR sickness.

This is sort of a subtoot but it's offtopic and I didn't want to threadjack. Someone was asking about making braille labels intelligible on tactile visualizations. That got me thinking about other ways to convey visual information to the blind.

As it turns out, humans are perfectly capable of teaching themselves to use sonar, generally by making clicks with their tongue and listening to the echos. There are a growing number of blind people who do this. ...

@juliobiason Time to declare EME a failure and rip it out, I guess.

@jaybeanstalk @RobinHood Spent a half hour talking to my 7 year old about climate change this morning. I am not sure he's ever listened to me talk about anything for 30 minutes straight before. Maybe I'll suggest he learn to grow weed for the apocalypse as an alternative to his own desire to master & accumulate weaponry.

"The IIGS clock speed was intentionally limited below the maximum for the 65C816 so the system would not outperform the Macintosh."

Guess Apple has a long history of crippling its products.


Not to mention all their batteries will be dead.

Also, cigarettes will all be stale.

And people will be far less violent and far more cooperative than they're always depicted.

One very bad thing about scientific papers being behind paywalls is that (competing) pseudoscience isn’t behind paywalls, so it’s easier to find misinformation online than to find facts.

Shitty techbro-written email subjects Show more

On NextDoor, all loud noises are gunshots.

This is not to say he's a wonderful person or that he's going about it the right way, of course. But I have yet to see a convincing argument for any other motive.

His companies aren't driven by a desire to make money. He wants them to become self-funding and maybe fund more projects but I'm convinced his primary goal is saving humanity.