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Actually now I've said this, I'm sure it'll be the focus of an episode of The Orville this season.

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Formatting drives in Windows Show more

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Oracle tightening the screws on Java users Show more

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Wow, free security advice Show more

@sifr I recently read about Youtube tuning its recommendation ML away from obvious conspiracy stuff. This might be beneficial, but the main issue is that these kinds of collective decision are not made democratically by users. They're made opaquely by individuals within megacorps. Much of the nudging and "experiments" we probably don't even know about, and really the whole paradigm is flawed and we should be moving towards user controlled systems rather than corporate or oligarchic control.
incidentally, to anyone who has significant copyright ownership over mastodon who isn't Gargron: i challenge you to invoke your AGPL rights and force him to open up the exact trees which mastodon.social deploys from. it will help significantly with the transparency problem.
so, what exact code is running on mastodon.social anyway? nobody but Gargron knows for sure. validating these concerns is the entire point of the AGPL.

I would argue, in fact, that there are two publicly perceived mastodons:

the free-software Mastodon project, which produces the AGPL Mastodon software

mastodon.social, which runs on a closed fork of the AGPL Mastodon software where Gargron first pushes code without making it public

I seriously fail to understand why copyright holders aren’t irritated by the latter issue, it is a serious problem because their work is modified but the modifications aren’t properly conveyed — thusly, faults in whatever Gargron is playing with this week may reflect poorly on the Mastodon project, since the instance remains in perpetual beta.

I will admit that pleroma.site gets new features that I am working on early too, but I follow my obligations under the AGPL and publish the exact code this instance runs on.

The WHATWG killed the Web. Well, not exactly; they stabbed it in the kidney, salted the wound with weak seasoning, DRM and JavaScript and shoved it into the Web.

And now it’s positioning itself as the savior. Great.


Had to write an answer to a 6 year old question on StackExchange because the accepted answer a) didn't actually answer the question, and b) was clearly written by someone who doesn't actually understand the topic.


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Oakland students once again walked out of class today in support of teachers who they feel are underpaid and are on the verge of a strike.
Read about the possible teacher strike here: nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Oakl 

I plugged my music player into my amp planning to play music, but it's still on the ASMR audio I was listening to to fall asleep last night. Somehow I'm not feeling motivated to change it.

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