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Do you think we should invite the good folks over at #Neocities to join us here on Mastodon?

Quite a few people really enjoy Neocities (myself included) so it might be nice if they knew they had a little fanbase here.

Doing a pentest or want to grab some domain/IP address information?

Why not try `eyes`.

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fundraiser for sick doggie Show more

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dunsmore apples, painted by ellen isham schutt, 1912

I was asked to give a talk at work for our monthly meeting. The talk is on _getting started_ in crypto investing. I wrote a supplemental guide.

Hey, you may want to read it.

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trying to lose 40 pounds over the next month.
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Tomorrow, I think I'm going to read about John Dillinger, Al Capone, and George Nelson instead of worrying about my work situation going forward.

I am baaaaack. *trumpets sounding*

Jk, I'm quite low key. 'Sup

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tfw you accidentally deploy a totally untested optimization & have to test it in prod & it not only still works, but is now fast

The cryptocurrency market has gained $4 billion in the last few hours. Maybe I should read the news?

I am now using Manjaro Linux. Pacman is pretty cool. I am using Manjaro/Cinnamon.

I am now a Linux Admin for Cirrus Labs. They will be training me for 6 months, and getting me certified to work with Red Hat Cloudforms and other Red Hat-related technologies.

Sounds like a good gig.

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812,904 accounts
+213 in the last hour
+6,115 in the last day
+33,306 in the last week
1,081 active instances

"One of the amazing and terrible things about the x86 architecture is that it’s maintained backwards compatibility throughout the years. This has been a competitive advantage, but it’s also meant that the boot process is largely a pile of hacks. Each time a new iteration comes out, a new step gets added to the process. That’s right, when your fancy new computer starts up, it thinks it’s an 8086 from 1976."



I just spoke with Steve Klabnik for like, 5 minutes, on IRC.

So that was kind of cool?

Also, if you have not heard of Redox OS, I implore you to check it out.

It's a microkernel-based operating system written in Rust, that is MOSTLY POSIX-compliant.

It was originally written to be a server station, but is now also focusing on robustness as a stand-alone station fully supporting its own desktop environment.

It's pretty cool.