What idiot called it an online girlfriend and not eBae

selfie ec 

Come to forbidden highway sign collection if you want an ass kicking

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This is a really key thread by @tojiro:


Talking about fallout from some elements of the Apple Vision design which were not immediately apparent on announcement day but come out from the later WWDC talks. In short, you kind of can't write your own rendering code on Vision. You're supposed to pass a scene graph to Apple, and Apple renders it. If you bypass this, you are cut off from several basic features the user would consider core to the device and its apps.

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btw, just for the record, the funniest example of content accidentally left on wii disks is 100% Alvin and the Chipmunks - The Squeakquel, where they accidentally left THE WINDOWS EXE on the disk. You can play the game on PC.

The game wasn't released for PC. This isn't just accidentally including one of the other ports: they included an in-house test build for a different platform.

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Today in absolutely wild things: a CA abusing an RCE in ACME.sh to add their own validation methods to it! github.com/acmesh-official/acm

My brain as I'm going to sleep: this quiet music or talking is very soothing
My brain after being asleep one hour: WHAT is that INFERNAL RUCKUS

Mx16: "Do you want me to make dinner tonight?"
Me: "Yes, that sounds great."
Mx16, over the course of the next ~8 minutes: "Do I season this?" "What seasonings should I use?" [brandishing a frying pan] "Should I size up?" "Should I cook more than one at the same time?" "Do I set the burner to 5 or 6?"

oh my godddddddd just cook, you're cooking, you volunteered to cook, you are the cook, you get to make all the cooking decisions, that's what cooking is, the cooking you volunteered to do, just do it, do the cooking my god

nothing to see here

> The Oregon State Medical Examiner’s Office says it no longer has the capacity or staffing to keep up with record numbers of mysterious deaths, murders and autopsy requests.


You get one regexp to match bug references, and one function to turn the match into a URL which visits it.

Which means that if you use a different ticketing system than code review system, it gets very difficult to have references to both. Really should have been an alist of regexp -> URI, so you can reference different things.

Or maybe even regexp -> function, which would allow for cleaner support for things like opening a ticket/PR/whatever in something other than a web browser.

You /can/ do all this stuff, it's just much more annoying than it should be.

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I really appreciate what bug-reference-mode in Emacs is trying to do, but also, it stinks.

I got a call from the electric company saying they were going to disconnect my power. The payment comes out on the 5th, so I checked ahead of time to make sure autopay was set up and the account had the funds to cover it.

Then it... didn't auto pay. Their site says the payment "will be deducted" on June 5th, 2023. Is is June 8th. I'm no Time Lord, but I'm pretty sure things don't work that way.

Called in to customer service, I'm on hold because "Huh, I've never seen that before."

Like, I get that "provenance" means "where it came from." But you know where it came from, I ran the command that made the thing two minutes ago. What does this warning actually mean? What problem is it trying to convey? How do I solve it? I have absolutely no idea.

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Anyway. Applying those changes, the output ends with:

guix home: warning: cannot determine provenance for current system

This is a failure mode I've encountered before, which I have no idea what it really means or how one would fix it.

Mind you, I got here by precisely following the instructions in the manual: importing my current $HOME, then reconfiguring with the configfile that creates.


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This is basically the same failure mode (yes, needlessly wasting bandwidth and disk space is a failure) as Homebrew, where you want to install some simple CLI tool and wonder why on Earth it drags, like, a Haskell compiler along with it.

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Debian is a binary distribution, so you only have to download the build dependencies to install a package. Since Go statically links everything, that means most of those only need libc6.

Guix is fundamentally a from-source distribution, so the assumption is that if you want to install something, it needs its build dependencies so it can get compiled.

But compiling all that stuff's a real drag, so there's the notion of "substitute servers." Those contain prebuilt binaries, so you don't have to build everything.

But all those source deps get installed anyway, wasting bandwidth and disk space, even though they're not needed and never used.

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Turns out, git-lfs is written in Go, a thing I didn't realize even though I've been using it for years.

On Debian, `sudo apt -y install git-lfs` installs a fat binary (~11MiB) which only depends on git and libc6. This is great.

Guix installs 32 Go source packages as dependencies, totaling over 45mb. Then /doesn't use any of them/.

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Next thing is to see about Guix Home, which is a thing to use Guix to manage packages local to your account, dotfiles, etc. I added maybe a dozen packages to the list: git, git-lfs, some Clojure and SBCL stuff, emacs-guix, and magit.

Running `guix home reconfigure /home/ieure/Projects/guix-home/home-configuration.scm` downloads a *ton* of stuff I don't care about like go-github-com-jcmturner-gokrb5-v8-8.4.2, which seems like a Kerberos library for Go.

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