Because it has been a little while here is my current iteration of my terminal dashboard. Still tweaking it. Probably forever?

@yarasaki It is a bunch of different things running in tmux panes.

@kelbot is this a bunch of different stuff running in tmux panes? Can you tell us the apps involved?

I've really wanted a setup like this, but only made it as far as unread emails and a calendar and some logs.

@unlofl Yes tmux. There is a lot of different stuff going on with the dashboard, to much to fit in a toot :). Feel free to ask about any part of it specifically and I'll be happy to answer. I plan to do a write up for how I did it eventually after I'm happy enough with it.

@kelbot Whats running for the calendar/tasks sections? I was hoping for a list of app names, happy to RTFM myself. But I can wait for the writeup too.

@abloo @unlofl Ok, twist my arm :0120:
The calendar and todo are custom bash scripts I made myself using to pull the data from my nextcloud server. Clock is tty-clock, music buttons are ,, the bottom right pane is pulling music info with mpc and some other stuff.

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