@c0debabe Nope, it is the engineering sample of the soon to be available Pinephone keyboard.

@c0debabe With a legit physical keyboard and an auxillary batter to extend run time I will totally carry this with me as a mobile computer in addition to my phone.

@jd Keyboard accessory for the Pine64 Pinephone.

@kelbot I am still holding out some small hope that the hinges will be able to flip the keyboard a full 180° to allow using the phone as a (held to face) phone, but it's definitely going to be sharp regardless

@kelbot (might even see about hacking a hall effect sensor into mine once I inevitably order and receive one so a smol magnet could be enough to disable the keyboard when it's flipped backwards, hmmm)

@djsundog I've been wondering about if you'll be able to still use it like a phone as well. They stil lhave not addressed that as far as anything I've seen which makes me think they may not have cared or thought about that but I hope I'm wrong :).

@kelbot yeah, me too. we might have to modify the hinges to get what we want...

@djsundog Speakerphone and BT headset should still work but if it's my primary device I really want to be able to hold it up and talk like a normal phone.

@kelbot same. it's not a dealbreaker by any means, but it'd be nice to have the option when necessary

@djsundog However, if that doesn't work out I will probably still carry it around as UMPC that can fit in my pocket a lot of the time anyways.

@kelbot (huge bonus points if the magnet of the top speaker is enough to trigger the hall sensor, double hmmmm)

@djsundog @kelbot As much as I like palmtops, I think a phone keyboard gets out of the way best when it can be slid behind the screen. My current feature phone does this and when it’s folded it doesn’t even look like there is a keyboard there.

I definitely am already looking into a slider keyboard modification for if/when I end up getting a PinePhone.

@drewzero1 @djsundog There was talk of a sliding keyboard too earlier on in the process. I'm not sure if they scrapped that or what.

@djsundog @drewzero1 Would avoid our concerns about taking calls on it as well. For now we can either make it ourselves or dream about a Quartzphone with a slideout keyboard :).

@djsundog @kelbot I read the Pine64 update last night/this morning and worked my way back to this post to add my bit.

The timelines are now synced!

@stunder Not anything I'm working on. It is a keyboard accessory for the PINE64 Pinephone.

@kelbot pretty fricking cool even if its not your personal project.


Ooooh yeah! I (like I'm sure 90% or more of Pinephone owners) will be ordering this baby.

@kemonine They did use the Psion keyboard as their inspiration!

@kelbot well that helps a ton

i still see folks gravitating to the psyion and early palm stuff

they really had their shit together for early pdas and utility

i like how my phone is a computer but the whole 'smash thumb upon a sapphire slab of immobile' worries the shit out of me for the long term
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