Are there #Gemini servers that take #asciidoc files as input? Or perhaps #CLI conversion tools that can be used?

#gemlog #blogging #ssg #adoc #AsciiDoctor

@kelbot worth a shot. :) Thanks. :)
I was thinking of #pandoc, but I couldn't remember its name anymore.

@kelbot ah, looks like #pandoc doesn't support #asciidoc as input unfortunately:

I'll see how suitable/usable the route of adoc>html>gmi is with asciidoctor + asciidoctor-html5 for the html generation and pandoc for the html>gmi conversion.

@kelbot oof, no, the asciidoctor>pandoc route does not generate useful results... gemini://

I'd have to do a lot of pre-parsing for that to work...

I think it's especially the concept of inline links and footnotes that don't really work well with gemini, and the html output that asciidoctor generates probably contains too many divs.

@kelbot I'm probably better off using the #AsciiDocs as basis, and manually convert it to a #gmi file for the couple of posts I'd feel like sharing via #Gemini.

Oh well, for now I'll turn off the gemini server again till I have something I'm satisfied with. :)

@FiXato You could also leave it up with just a basic index and short manually written posts until you figure out what you want to do with the whole thing.

@kelbot I just grabbed one of the first standalone gemini server binaries I could find (#agate). Before I run it permanently, I'd rather investigate the server solutions a bit more to make sure it's a well-maintained solution. :)

@FiXato @kelbot I think this is not that important. You can exchange servers easily, because each server just takes a certificate, the related key and a directory with content (gmi files).
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