The aggregated feed of recent gemlog posts that I have now on my gemini capsule is possible due to this excellently simple gmisub tool and the simple gemini subscription specification. Make a document of gemlog links then run gmisub and it spits out a .gmi with all the recent posts organized by date.


@jamie Sort of. It is really just parsing a gmi document for a specific date and title format but it enables a simplified feed without the gemlog author needing to setup an atom feed. I think it's great for keeping things simple and would be especially nice for a non-technical person that just needs to make sure their date format is correct and doesn't need to worry about figuring out how to setup an atom feed.

@kelbot That's cool. I didn't even realise there was a concept of 'feeds' with Gemlog.

I live and die by RSS, so struggle to imagine keeping up with anything that I can't subscribe to.

@jamie Yeah and you can still have an atom feed if you want. I have an atom feed as well but just setting up your index format this way is so easy there's no reason not to so people can subscribe that way as well.

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