Fediverse, what's your favourite #gemini server?

I'm kinda testing the waters with this now and I'm really liking it.

Currently I'm testing locally with jetforce as it was the easiest to install.

BTW if you have info docs tutorials on
a) how to export to HTML in order to run a WWW replica?
b) how to best set up a public server?
c) what hosting service is your fav?
d) anything else you might deem useful to a newcomer
it's most appreciated.

Boosts welcome.

I haven't used enough servers to really have a favorite but I've been using sr.ht/~sircmpwn/gmnisrv/ and it was simple to install and run and just does the thing it's supposed to do reliably. I've also heard people like agate.


@cadadr Oh and this is a good place to start for finding various tools and software for gemini.

@kelbot This is great! I only knew of the listing on circumlunar.space, thanks a lot!

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