I'm looking for an affordable braille display because I'd like to get one to make to help reporting usability issue for people relying on braille.

I'd emphasize on OS installation, shell usage and command line tools. I may even use the computer screen-less :flan_think:

If it would be considered a bad idea, tell me.

Boost appreciated :flan_thumbs:


@solene Just this morning I came across this gemini capsule of a tech enthusiast that is blind and uses a screen reader and braille display. They don't have any contact info on ther capsule that I could find but if you can track them down it might be a good lead.

@kelbot thank you very much for sharing about this.

@kelbot @solene Mmm, guess I should add that. Oops. As to your original question, take a look at the Orbit Reader. It's the cheapest option. There's also the BrailleMe, but I don't know if it's still in production. Amazing to see my capsure spread around though!

@devinprater @kelbot The Orbit Reader seems a very good product indeed.

Keep up the good work :)

@kelbot @solene You might also talk with @Mayana , who is interested in both FOSS and accessibility.

@tulpa @solene @kelbot Unfortunately, my interest in both is kind of half-assed. I got a braille display a few years back, mostly on government benefits, and it still works, so I haven't been looking into alternatives all that much. Devin's suggestion seems like a pretty good one. 🙂
I'm honored you thought of me, though. I boosted the OP, hopefully others in my network will be able to give more useful answers.

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