I expect this will end up significantly more expensive than the PocketCHIP was but Adafruit is still in business so maybe it's a decent tradeoff.

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I did also buy 2 PocketCHIPs sooooo also maybe buying one of these that will have continued support might not be a worse decision.

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@kelbot My original is just dead, sad the company is too

@rob What is dead about it? The CHIP or something else?

@kelbot that I'm not sure, it might be the board. The chip lights up at least when plugged in. But it doesn't turn on or charge

@rob I see. Well if you want to try a little more troubleshooting to see if it can still be brought back to life hit me up and I'll gladly give you some ideas to try. If you want to get rid of it I'd be interested in taking it off your hands for the spare parts :).

@kelbot I'll see if I can get a shell later on and let you know

@LilFluff The Pinephone keyboard will have that covered soon hopefully.

@kelbot CM4 starts at $25 for the lowest end config (no wireless, no emmc, 1 gb ram) but should still outperform the c.h.i.p. module handily I'd assume, and the theoretical ability to upgrade it to a module with wireless, 8gb ram, and 16gb of emmc would make it a beast of a handheld (which it should be for what will likely cost a hundred bucks plus lol)

@djsundog For sure! It will definitely outperform CHIP with it's eyes closed. CHIP is a pretty even match with the Pi Zero computation-wise.

@djsundog Battery life and heat would be my concerns with the beastly CM4 configurations. The clusterfuck that is display interfaces frustrates me because I'd love to have a device like this that could accept a variety of different SBCs but in reality you're usually limited to whatever it was specifically designed for on these types of things.

@kelbot Honestly Adafruit making a PocketCHIP refresh is the best possible outcome, for me at least

@kelbot I'd get one, but wish it had support for the RPI-0, since then I could re-use something I already have.

Would really like the option to have it more supportable as I feel the C.H.I.P. compute module itself is software fragile.

Plus I could run OpenBSD on it.

@ecliptik The compute module makes sense for a device like this but yeah you're only option is the new one. I personally would prefer something like this that could accept a more open SBC than the Pi. Also I think the Pi 4 is too power hungry for a handheld like this and I'm not sure if battery life will be very good.

@kelbot That's awesome! I hope they choose a larger screen than 3". That's the one thing I wish was different about my Clockwork Pi, which I still adore :)

@feoh I think it is using the same 4.3" lcd that PocketCHIP has but it's an early prototype and they said in the tweet that the screen and some other things will change as they move ahead.

@kelbot 4.3" would be a big improvement actually! On the Clockwork's 3" screen there are a lot of PICO-8 anc TIC-80 games where I can't discern a lot of the detail as rendered.

@kelbot Also, a Pocket CHIP style button press keyboard would be HUGE! Having to do any input at all with Nintendo-esque character at a time controls is a DRAG :)

@feoh I bet, haha but at least it's pocket sized. Despite being called PocketCHIP it is actually only barely pocketable.

@kelbot That's something I'm very OK with. I don't actually need my portable video gaming to fit in an actual pocket :)

@kelbot If this ever becomes a thing I can buy I'll mail you my Gameshell :)

@feoh Haha, oh no I don't need any more gaming handhelds I promise :-D.

@kelbot this. Is. All I ever wanted.

Amazing! Actual button keyboard! I just hope the screen is better than the pocket chip. I also really hope they do a similar pretty low-poly case!

@kelbot I don't see gpio pins at the top, though. That's sad

@rgegriff Maybe they'll add that in later. It is just an early prototype.

@kelbot yea. I can't imagine they wouldn't expose any unused pins if there are any.

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