Virtual Hackerspace meeting on Saturday, April 3rd, 2021 at 6 PM EDT / 10 PM UTC.

Special guest presentation on #theTubes by @djsundog!

Meeting will be livestreamed on and

#hackerWeekend #vhs #hackersTown

I forgot to add: anyone who's interested in peering with #theTubes and has root access on a debian-based VM or SBC they can play with should definitely swing by the presentation if they're available as I'm planning on doing a group walkthrough and setup of peer tunnels immediately following the presentation.

(happy for non-debian-based participants but you might need to do your own package management translation along the way)

@ryen #hackerWeekend #vhs #hackersTown


@djsundog @ryen This will be available to watch after the fact if I can't be there live?

@djsundog @kelbot Yes, I'll be streaming to, which should save a replay, but I'll be recording locally as well for a "just in case."

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