@kelbot The Pocket CHIP looks incredible but I'm also super impressed with the Anbernic rg351m with 351Elec despite the smaller screen. Some incredible open source work goes into that distro. The polish is super impressive IMO.

@feoh I think there is a spin of that on the Odroid Go Advance too which is the same chipset. I use RRVL which is probably not as polished but is very lightweight and a regular ole void linux install underneath.

@kelbot I was super intrigued by the ODroid Go Advance but reviews I've read have not amazing things to say about the build quality / construction. One of the things I love about the rg351m is its metal body and overall rugged build.

@feoh I think there were maybe some that got past QA early on but I was pretty happy with mine considering the price. I did some upgrades on mine that make it feel significantly nicer though.


@piggo @feoh @xmanmonk
Ugh! I thought a dns issue just screwed up the upload but it seems the image itself was corrupted. This one should work.

@kelbot @piggo @xmanmonk Wow! Very nice indeed! IMO the pale yellow/orange/red/white buttons against the dark-ish orange background look particularly awesome!

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