My computing environment is equally driven by ambitious ideas and laziness. My process: Step 1) Get an idea for something that I think would be really cool. Step 2) Try to do it. Step 3) If I can't get it working or at least really close within 15 minutes, give up or modify my idea into something easier.


Also, please tell me that you spend a probably unreasonable amount of time on customizing and tweaking your computing environment like I do just because it's fun and satisfying so I feel better about it.

@kelbot If it can't be tweaked or composed into something that can be tweaked, burn it!


I spent something like four hours on Friday figuring out org-mode table formulas to itemize my credit card bill instead of just dropping it into Gnumeric or Calc just because it fits my org-mode-based record-keeping system better.

So, um, maybe?

I mean, I knew this was taking way more time than it saved but I figured that it'll be more efficient as I get better at it.

@suetanvil @kelbot

elevator pitch: it's like a time tracking app but for tracking time you spend doing future you a solid by investing some extra time up front to make their future life easier

@kelbot if every hour spent modifying my computing environment counted as an hour towards a college degree, i'd have two more college degrees by now

@kelbot this is something between a low-key hobby and just how i use computers.

I've spent 25 years doing exactly that. In short, I assembled my own Linux distro just so that it would be perfect. In retrospect, I should probably have learned how to garden or paint landscapes instead. However, what's done is done.
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