kelbot's law: the lower the specs of a computer the more enjoyable it is to use.

@kelbot like, I probably enjoy my 486 laptop the most out of any of my 90s computers, right?

But the apple ii and the commodore 64 are still computers and frankly more fun.

But I think that might be the floor?

@ajroach42 @kelbot I haven't used any of them, but some of the early game console "personal computer" expansions might be similarly fun, since it seems like the threshold is graphics and sound.

And of course there are a bunch of early mainframe-based systems that would be really cool to use, like PLATO, but those aren't really accessible except maybe via emulators.

@ajroach42 @kelbot Speaking of which, I STILL HAVEN'T ORDERED THE REST OF THE PARTS for the 8088 systems :(

I blame the bad place I got into after developing a tolerance to the Adderall, and now the withdrawals from going off of it. I meant to do it this past weekend, but I ended up getting distracted by trying to learn Blender. Hopefully this coming weekend or earlier.

@freakazoid @kelbot no worries. I understand adhd brain pretty well.

We just closed on the maker space, so I'm pretty occupied.

@ajroach42 @kelbot Counterpoint: I have an HP 85, and it's SO FREAKING SLOW. I think it has 32 kB of RAM, and it runs BASIC at ... not more than a few dozen lines per second? But it's so fun, and has amazing coordinate space transformations for plotting.

But yeah, at some point they get hard to enjoy. In terms of sheer hours spent, the later 8-bitters might be the floor. (Apple IIs are super fun, but they ain't much with the original 4 kB!) I recall having fun with my second-hand Digi Comp 1, mechanical 3-bit computer (neighbor was cleaning out there workshop when I was in elementary school and give me a box of interesting bits). So, the floor can be pretty darn low. (

@kelbot Hmmm, how do you explain MIPS routers, MIDlet phones, and the PocketCHIP then? ;)

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