What are the CLI/TUI applications that spark joy for you?

For me a nicely customized tmux, tut fediverse client (so I can talk to you lovely people), amfora (for gemini), profanity (xmpp), newsboat and tui_launcher (because who doesn't want touchscreen buttons in their terminal).

That's not an exhaustive list. I'm probably forgetting things I really enjoy. Like cowsay, libcaca...

@kelbot Also games.

Nethack, infocom games, any mud. Anything that assumes it's running on a multi user system and allows real time multiplayer.




@ajroach42 You ever played scrap? It's a neat little roguelike where you are a robot that roams around battling other robots and can salvage parts from the ones you defeat to upgrade the part slots on yourself.

@kelbot @ajroach42 Yeah, this reminds me of some flash game called "Upgrade Complete" IIRC

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