This is a pretty rad project. Love the inclusion of the trackpoint.

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@kelbot i cant find the track point in the schematics or in the parts list...

do you have more detail on that part of the build or know where it's at?

I feel a little better suddenly. I was looking for something trackpiont like and didn't catch the 5 way


@kemonine @djsundog Ah, yeah I didn't see it in the BOM either but I figured it was just an oversight or the part name just wasn't obvious. But it is mentioned in the description. So that isn't really a trackpoint then is it?


unfortuantely not

i've been looking for track points and the like for awhile and *nobody* sells a module retail that I can find and i have NFC who to even contact for an oem part or similar

at this point i've given up and will be using a psp styled joystick or the cirque glide points instead

How does the power situation work when the Pi 4 draws so much current, while still supposedly being a mobile device?
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