Seriously, if someone writes an epub reader for the Watchy that will probably get me to wear it regularly. :-D


E-paper is one of my favorite technologies. There is something that I find incredibly magical about this surface that looks like paper and ink just changing on its own. Such an underappreciated technology.

@kelbot Now that they're starting to get more color I think they might work great as a secondary monitor. Not good for stuff that needs a high refresh rate, but it'd be amazing to have an ebook or gemlog post or some such on the e-ink and your editor or primary browser or whatever up on your main, regular monitor.

@nytpu For sure. Having a secondary monitor that was e-paper would be pretty nice for certain things. Keep a feed reader up on it. Wiki, man page, anything text based.

The rlcds are kind of a best of both worlds but I don't think they quite reach the same contrast and magical paper and ink look of e-paper.

@kelbot tbh it's not so much underappreciated, but expensive and stiffled in innovation due to the patent holdings by a single company that 'kept prices high and research and innovation spending low'..


I have a supernote, which is like a kindle but with stylus support and its flippin amazing especially for reading technical or dense pdfs and stuff.

Forget giving kids laptops or tablets, they should give them these they are one of the most sublime focus/thinking aids I have ever used.

@kelbot extremely low power usage too! power is only required to change the image, not to display it (unlike LED screens), which is another reason why it's great for reading. I think that the image will degrade if left for a while, but you can just use power to refresh it occasionally, making it a good choice for menus and stuff that use TVs currently

@kelbot So much this. It's like right on the edge of the "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" thing, even though it's easy to find out how it works it just looks too cool to not be magic.

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