What is your least favorite "advancement" in modern technology? One of mine is touch buttons taking over in place if tactile ones on appliances. I swear I have to hit buttons 2 or 3 times every time I try to do anything.

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@kelbot GIVE ME PHYSICAL BUTTONS!! I'm mad at anything where I *could* have physical buttons and no longer do.


@avalon @kelbot whats worse is even more touch buttons are finding their way into cars - earlier in the year I had a VW Touran as a courtesy vehicle and they had changed the 8 buttons around the display to be either touch buttons or less tactile feedback (making it even harder to use when driving, its in an awkward position as it is..) the new VW Golf has also swapped the very good rotary headlights/sidelight switch for touch buttons..

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@vfrmedia @avalon @kelbot Everytime I have to operate my smartphone as a GPS navigator while driving I am thinking “holly shit, that’s dangerous, I shouldn’t be doing this”.
Actually, the US-Navy has some pretty darn experience with how bad it can go, but the auto industry doesn’t seem to be aware of it, sadly:

@kelbot kel are you telling me you couldn’t replace that particular button board with clicky switches if you really wanted to

@Ethancdavenport Could I? Maybe. But that's not really the point. I don't want to have to do a hardware modification in order to have an applicance that doesn't have shitty controls.

@kelbot idk maybe you need to start manufacturing your own clicky switch microwaves to sell to like minded switch clickers

@kelbot kind of obvious but I don't like single player games that require internet access. Also sometimes my phone gives me the option to send a prewritten response with only one click - recipe for disaster, it's like autocorrect on steroids.

@kelbot Also impossible to use by memory in the dark, probably completely useless to the visually impaired.

@kelbot Go one step further ... why have buttons at all? Time is analog, early microwaves had a simple dial in that position.

@apLundell Good point. That brings up another annoyance with some applances especially microwaves. So many unneccessary buttons and modes. 98% of them go unused by most people because they are very unintuitive to use. Who knows what they actually do by the icon or label? Pretty much the only thing I ever do with a microwave is put something in and enter an amount of time.

@Linux_in_a_Bit Doesn't really keep it from getting gross just makes it easier to clean when it does. But if that was the reason for doing it then there are better solutions. Like my toaster oven has buttons that are slightly raised, depress slightly and the buttons have a different texture than the rest of the panel.

@kelbot I swear it’s planned obsolescence too, because the buttons tear open and the electronics short.

@gannet @kelbot I think it is mostly cost to manufacture. If you ever take apart one of those keyboards it is like, three pieces all of which are very easy to make and have almost no moving parts.

Compare that to some of those older ones which had multiple moving parts for each piece, each of which had their own manufacturing processes, needing separate tooling, etc etc.

@Canageek @gannet I think that's why it is so common now which sucks because it's entirely in service of reducing costs and increasing profit. Useability and accessibility out the window to make a few bucks.

@Canageek @kelbot well, that makes sense too. But I’m sure they don’t mind that it means buying replacements more often!

@gannet @kelbot I've never had one wear out in that way, so I have no idea if that is the most common way. I've always had a more critical part break long before the keypad


Smart-enabling every device whether or not it is improved by having a bluetooth-enabled connection to a smartphone.

Just put some buttons on the thing. It's ok, it doesn't need to talk to the internet. I promise I'll talk to it directly.

@RussSharek Absolutely. I have some semi-smart appliances and a hard requirement I have is being able to operate it without needing any of the "smart" or "internet" features. We have a Neato robot vacuum and a Samsung robot mop. Both do their job just fine without any networking or apps.

@kelbot Mine is making things "smart" that a) really, really don't need to be, while b) simultaneously opening up more and more of our lives to hacking.
I actually just posted a blog entry about it:

@kelbot +1, especially when combined with a software controlled display beneath (instead of printed markings), so where to press varies and it all also introduces gestures and timing sensitive behavior.

@kelbot The next level will be touchscreens with ever-changing GUIs

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