Few things I've done this year are cooler than having a LAN copy of Wikipedia and Project Gutenberg just chilling and waiting.

Earlier, I wanted to check to see when a short story was published so I searched the name of that short story against my LAN services, and found the author, the date it was published, the issue of the magazine it was published in, and an epub facsimile of the story and the magazine.

Not only do I just *have* these things at the ready, but they're indexed and useful.

Now I just need a news and current events source that's mostly plaintext, that I can download every morning.

Do you know of any newspapers doing a fulltext rss feed (subscription acceptable) or any other barebones HTML or TXT?

@ajroach42 Looks like you got plenty of good sources already but I'll throw a gemini one out. gemini://rawtext.club/~sloum/g
Combined with gemget you could download the latest news in plain text quite easily.

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