Retro/fantasy gaming nerd out 

These pico 8 carts are an extremely good example of how to make a small and short arcade style game with a fun game mechanic. Good visuals and music really help too.


Retro/fantasy gaming nerd out 

This mhughson fella is awesome. They made those pico 8 carts and also this micro platforming engine in 100 lines of code as a starting point for less experienced game makers to use as a starting point. Which they built on a PocketCHIP!

Also a couple really good NES games From Below and Witch'N'Wiz.

Retro/fantasy gaming nerd out 

I have the NESDev competition rom of Witch n' Wiz and I'm excited about the full game coming out. I love Catrap and this is very much like Catrap but with a couple new mechanics thrown in. I'm buying it when it's finished.

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