Charging up a small battery bank. As an experiment later today I'm going to move my whole Pinephone + external display + BT keyboard setup to the kitchen table and see how much typical use I can get unplugged from the wall that way.


OK, here's the experimental battery bank powered Pinephone convergence rig. When everything sleeps from inactivity it is only drawing 250mA so I should be able to leave it all "on" without draining the power bank too fast as I come and go. That might go down a little more even if the Pinephone gets fully topped up. The external display draws nothing once it goes to sleep.

@kelbot that's so cool - can you tell me what brand the external monitor is, and if it's something you're happy with?

@mark I'm afraid it doesn't really have a brand as far as I know. It was a pretty generic display that I found for $35 each on a website. I ended up buying 5 of them, haha. I found what looks like the exact same display on amazon but for around $70 I believe. I am definitely happy with them for the $35 I paid. For $70 I'm not sure if I would be happy with the value. They look good, run on 5V and sip power but that's pretty steep for an 8 inch display.

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