For realz, this text editor is fully featured and really responsive in 75Kb of space running on a 33Mhz CPU. What the heck are we even doing with modern computers?

@kelbot To answer your question: trying to make everything look pretty. We do live in an age of style over substance.

On a related note, remember Wordperfect? I loved this thing because it didn't hide formatting tags behind an obfuscated later of unpredictable abstraction.

You added an italics formatting, you saw the text colored differently. Sure, it wasn't Wysigyg, but I'll be damned if it wasn't predictable and memory efficient.

It ran under DOS. 640K RAM.

@yuki @kelbot
Hot take: Markdown is WordPerfect for the 21st Century.

@kelbot I used to use a text editor called Tempus on the Atari ST. It could load a file thousands of lines long and smooth scroll it, flicker free, at 640x400x72Hz -- with custom font support. On an 8MHz 68000.

(Granted, it was written in assembler, but still...)

@kelbot vim still loves you.
(Emacs was always a thicc boi though; mine is 50mb on startup)

But some of this is from things like word size. A 16 bit process used smaller numbers while 64 bit ones use 4x larger ones for everything. Some big things like LLVM have actually had hard design decision sessions because just the pointers alone were taking up so much memory.

Also the use of C++ hurts since its not efficient. Turbo Pascal and C (popular of the time) have almost no overhead and there was literally no option to just tell the user to buy a faster palm to cope with inefficiency. Nowadays you have bloat everywhere people don't even realize. For example in C++ someone calculated that virtual functions occupy up to 20% of the computers time just as a runtime overhead. There's also a lot of stuff that gets duplicated that strictly doesn't need to be. And there's no real profit in making anything efficient anymore unless you're the one paying for the hardware.

Basically... The market doesn't pay for efficiency anymore.

@kelbot Modern software can definitely do *a lot* to improve in resource usage and performance.

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