Ahhhhh, dang it not another one! Always on screen and 2 week battery life. Closest pebble replacement yet?

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For anyone considering the Bangle.js 2 smartwatch, the project leader has 2500 of these watches already in hand ready to ship out when the campaign is over. So if you do want one you shouldn't have a long wait. They said it might be a while before they can get the next batch.

Additionally, they also said you can buy the SMA Q3 smartwatch elsewhere and should be able to flash the bangle.js firmware on it. I'm not sure where to find them though.

@CosmicTortoise I would say no, but... I think the javascript part is to make it an easy way for more people to make watchface/apps. They say you can also use lower level languages if you don't want to use javascript. If it works well and has a good app ecosystem I might be OK with it.

Yes, and it would be pointlessly elitist of me to crap on anyone who uses the language they know.

Anyways, it's good to support projects like these. 10 years ago we were overwhelmed with the possibilities of local fabrication, where the tools of industry are finally in the hands of anyone with the maker spirit. This is was mostly in the advent of affordable 3D printers.

Since that was quite the over-promise given the price and reliability of the fabrication tools, it's nice to see people making the products we wish we had.

@CosmicTortoise @kelbot For reference Pebble also supports JS for watch faces. I believe they had some sort of transpiler with a limited JS subset to get it working on the watch though, it's not like they're running a chrome v8 JS engine on there or anything.

@nytpu @CosmicTortoise That's gotta be the kind of thing they're doing here right? I can't imagine somthing the size of a watch would be able to run actual javascript and have 2 week battery life.

@kelbot @nytpu @CosmicTortoise Looks like it's using espruino.

I think espruino is to JS as MicroPython is to Python

@rgegriff @kelbot @CosmicTortoise
Oh so it looks more like z88dk where the performance would be horrible but they wrote everything by hand in assembly or C and all the interpreter does is create “glue code” for the high-performance stuff.

@kelbot I have watchy on order. For some reason, e-ink screens totally do it for me.

I considered the bangle.js, But aside from the LCD screen, a watch 17 mm thick is bonkers huge

@david You might be thinking of the Bangle.js 1. This is Bangle.js 2, a new watch and it's only 12mm thick. It isn't eInk but it is a sunlight readable reflective display that is always on and a lot more similar to pebble displays than most other watches I've seen.

@kelbot Very nice indeed, and yes, I was thinking of the original. I'll be interested to hear your impressions if you pull the trigger on it

@david I'm not sure if I'm going to get one yet. Go to mull it over for a bit. Main thing I wish was different is the way you interact with it. I really like pebble's physical buttons. I'm just not a big fan of touchscreens on watches.

@kelbot This is an awesome piece of hardware! Not a fan of Javascript on it, but I could definitely imagine people getting Infinitime or WaspOS on this thing!

I ordered one!

Love the fact that the software is open-source from the start. No weird app ecosystem to get locked into. For me the JavaScript is actually a benefit, because it's the language I'm most familiar with. I could actually see myself writing something for this!

I could potentially see this working as my main navigation tool on my motorcycle too.

I'm exited, thanks for sharing!

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