This might be in the running for the nerdiest thing I've done. Listening to konpeito mix tapes on my odroid go while doing the word search and playing Fahrenheit Outpost from via the printout of smolZINE that I printed on my PDA pocket printer and using my PDA as my dice roller. :0120:

@kelbot you've nearly got me sold on the pocket printer, I gotta be honest.

@ajroach42 haha, that's me, vintage technology salesman. Don't have time to print your smolZINE text adventure and word search before heading out in the morning? No problem! Just sync your PDA and take the whole printer with you in your pocket! :-P

@ajroach42 But for real. For only like $30 it is pretty fun to play around with.

@kelbot where did you see one for thirty bucks? And does it support printing over serial from DOS?

@ajroach42 I'll toss some links at ya later when I'm at my real computer. It does serial on linux and I'm not sure about DOS but maybe.

@ajroach42 If your DOS computer has IR port that would probably work.

@kelbot or maybe this one is? The 200LX predates irda, so it's only Mostly irda complaint.

@ajroach42 Gotcha. Would be nice if it was compliant enough to work with the printer. Being able to plop it down and just print straight away with no cables is pretty sweet.

@ajroach42 Of course there's also ebay. I picked mine up new on ebay for $32.

@ajroach42 Some good stuff on working with the SiPix here and one of the posts about using it with windows mentioned that it should work with DOS. Good blog in general too :).

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