@RussSharek @cal Pretty well at the moment, haha. I have my initial impressions on my gemlog and I'm typing up some additonal thoughts now that will go up on my gemlog in a bit.

@kemonine IDK, I don't know that much about keyboard layouts. I do know they took a lot of input from the community and it has an open firmware that is said to be easy to change layouts to whatever you want.

@kelbot the elongated enter key is iso style ; im glad to hear they iterated with the community

hopefully its a strong physical layout they can keep over the longer term

@kelbot did you have to build Tut or is there a binary that runs on the pinephone?

@madcap The arm64 binary on the releases page works. It is also in the alpine/postmarketOS repos which is how I installed it.

@kelbot I've just installed it. It's near impossible to use it without a physical keyboard...

@madcap Haha, yeah its not great for a touchscreen and on screen keyboard. Sxmo has gestures for scrolling which help a little bit for scrolling but physical keyboard is def way better.

@kelbot Waiting for my PinePhone keyboard to arrive. Can't wait!

@kelbot Out of curiosity, how long did it take to finally arrive?

@claudiom I think I got the shipping notification thurs or fri and it came yesterday.

@kelbot Oh, so you got it fast. I think mine's shipping from China, so not sure how long that will be.

@claudiom It shipped from Taiwan but hopped on a plane and hit the US in a day and then was here a few days later.

@kelbot damn. I ordered mine when they announced a new batch recently. It's been a number of weeks.

@claudiom Did you choose standard shipping? Pine64's standard shipping is super slow and they suggest choosing the upgraded courier shipping if you don't want a long wait.

@kelbot Ah yes, I picked standard shipping. OK, then I don't feel too worried anymore.

@claudiom Yeah its just a slow method but it should get there eventually. I paid the extra because I'm impatient.

@kelbot how are you liking it? i'm still waiting for my keyboard to arrive in the mail, i'm excited.

@kelbot Nice!! How do you like the Pinephone? I wonder if I should run a BitlBee bridge server on my Linux machines so I can use Mastodon over IRC with the Treo. Or I could just look for command line Mastodon clients for the PocketCHIP 😉

@guofu I really like it. It really depends on your perspective but it's a pretty neat device for the price with lots of possibilities. There are a few good mastodon CLI/TUI clients. I've used tut extensively on my PocketCHIP and it's great. There is one called toot that is also pretty good. Then there's a really cool one that I have yet to really try called msync, which works in an offline mode and syncs when you want it to and fits on a 1.44MB floppy.

@kelbot love it! What are they, what are the running, and where can I get them? 😉

@kelbot looking cool :D does it run the TUI launcher too? ;)

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