Some nice developments happening in Pine64 land. Tow-boot is a project to make u-boot more like booting on regular computers and now supports Pinephone.

The Quartz64 Model B is coming soon which is a Raspberry Pi form factor successor to the Rock64 with a new RK3566 chipset and 4GB or 8GB of ram.

Then theres the new QuartzPro64 that sounds like it will eventually be a gnarly platform for an arm server.

Oh and there is apparently a build of librelec running on the OG Pinephone playing back 1080 video smoothly to an external display. How cool would it be to reboot your phone and it turns into a kodi set top box?

@kelbot This is great news! Hopefully, by the time this OP6T reaches its end of life, the PinePhone ecosystem will be more robust to move over.

@kelbot quite cool, pop in an SD card and you're set to watch anything on the road without any extra devices!!

@kelbot ooooh! thanks for the summary! towboot on the pinephone is awesome news! no more having to open/close it for booting from sd/emmc selectively!

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