Can we get a thread going of cool fedi-people's podcasts?

2 Clowns in a Closet with my favorite clowns @avalon and @RussSharek

Artists and Hackers from @exquisitecorp

Linux Lads in which @amolith is a co-host.

Please reply with more if you do a podcast or know of someone on the fediverse that does.

@kelbot @jbauer and I are in the process of starting a podcast called @redactedlife :flan_guns:

Fedi functionality is possible because we're using @Castopod for the entire thing :comfy:

@kelbot @avalon @RussSharek @exquisitecorp @amolith I have one I've run for 14+ years called "Passenger Seat Radio". Unproduced, usually from the seat of my car. I talk about anything and everything - whatever I'm interested in at the time, tell Navy stories, running celebrity websites, talk about myself. Not for everyone, but a lot of topics are done. Thanks for consideration.

@kelbot Expedition Sasquatch from @Username_Here_ASAP and I releases infrequently, but it's fun.

@ajroach42 @kelbot is great fun, i want to do more! Been tossing around ideas on my head on the next steps in Jack's Journey.

@Username_Here_ASAP @kelbot I need to just give you the ability to upload episodes. We have about six ready to go that I just keep forgetting to upload.

@ajroach42 @kelbot ugh additional agency and contributory value to a project i enjoy?!

really though whatever you feel is right

@ajroach42 @Username_Here_ASAP Aye! I love Expedition Sasquatch! Not sure how I forgot my own instance-mates' podcast. *facepalm*

@kelbot @avalon @exquisitecorp @amolith

Thank you for the shout-out!

Some great stuff in this thread beyond your favorite clowns, too.

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