"Pocket" Electronics 

I have two classes of pocket-size electronics. Technically pocketable and truly pocketable. Technically pocketable class devices fit in my pocket and I often carry them in my pocket around the house but am not comfortable doing so outside the house. Truly pocketable are things that fit easily and are small/robust enough that I can carry it in my pocket throughout an entire day without worry.

"Pocket" Electronics 

Examples from each class.

Truly Pocketable: Odroid Go, Minidisc portables, Palm m500, Sony Xperia XA2, Nintendo DSi.

Technically Pocketable: Kobo Aura, Odroid Go Advance, DSi XL.

Undecided: PSP straddles the line but I lean towards Technically Pocketable. It's right on the line of being small enough to be truly pocketable but it's not quite robust enough to feel good about it knocking around all day.

"Pocket" Electronics 

@kelbot That's kinda why I'm keeping my kobo mini alive. It's the perfect size to fit in a shirt pocket at work. Though turns out it's not as robust as I thought after my kid dropped it a few times. but some 3d printed patches and it's fine again haha

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