Well the pinephone is here, I've also been feeling a sense of exciting dread. I wonder if the two are related? Is the ghost of a sadmin stirring within me?

But for you #pinephone enthusiasts is there any compelling reason not to use postmarketos with sxmo? I've not used alpine before but arch+xmonad is my daily driver on my lappy and sometimes desktop. I don't really have the time to check out everything so I figured I'd just compare it and the arch build. Feedback?


@Naeva I've been loving pmOS/SXMO for a while now. It's a pretty great lightweight system.

@kelbot have you tried arch? The container model of alpine seems* like it might be a better fit for phones, especially if there are some android softwares that you want to run on it too.

* I have never used containers and should be considered no more knowledgeable than a drunk in a pub

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