Back in my day if you wanted to take multiple games with you in your pocket you had to pick 4. Or 5 if you left one in the system.

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@kelbot Back in those days you had hand-labeled CDs & DVDs in this glorious old thing some cool family member gave you.

@lispi314 @kelbot and a bunch of us used to draw intricate artistic labels with pens and markers :blobcatinnocent:

@lispi314 @kelbot I still have some of those binders, and periodically burn a disc or two and slot them in, as long-term, read-only, offline backups.

@lispi314 @kelbot I've still got an old 2000-or-so Red Hat install disc set in one of those, somewhere, maybe

@lispi314 @kelbot I recently found mine at my parents’ house and it was a real nostalgia trip to see my numbered series of mix CD’s petered out in the 50’s around the time I got a 4th-gen iPod.

@kelbot I have a little camera bag full of GBC/DS carts, I can play all day. Put some extra batteries in the outer pocket.

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