@jjg FYI, that is an abandoned fork of snapcast. This is probably the one you want.

@kelbot oh man, I could loose a weekend to this.

...and I still need to re-rip most of my CD collection...

Semi-related, I want to build some Bose 901 replicas (I'd happily use real ones but $$$) so maybe I cram a computer in them if this keeps things as in-sync as it says (like, could I do a stereo pair over wifi?)

@jjg I've been running and tweaking my snapcast music setup for years now :D. It's really cool stuff. I'm pretty sure you could send left and right channel separately with no problem. Just send each channel as a separate stream and set each client to the correct stream.

My setup has a turntable that can play back over all the speakers in sync and can switch over to my mopidy server or play mopidy out of some and turntable out of some etc..

@jjg Wait, hmmm. That might not keep the two streams in sync... It might still be possible but I'm not entirely sure how you'd accomplish it. X-)

@jjg Or you just send same stream to both and only send the channel you want out of the sound card on each. That's probably do it.

@jjg The CHIP is working great as a snapcast client BTW :).

@kelbot This is what SONOS pulled-off that most impressed me, a syncronized wireless stereo pair. I worked a lot with this gear while I was working at Murfie, and I'm still amazed they pulled it off back then.

@jjg Yeah, the sonos stuff was always cool but too expensive for my blood and not open enough. This is like that only extremely open and flexible and can run on dirt cheap and diy hardware.

@kelbot same! If I wouldn’t have been working for a streaming service that paid for the hardware so I could make it work with their platform I probably never would have heard of them 🤣

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