The design of this juicer is very nice. There are just 3 large and easy to clean parts and the whole thing is chonky metal.

@kelbot Someone recently posted a picture of an old Kitchenaid stand mixer they found on a curb. ON A CURB. The old-school made-by-Hobart kind. It still worked. WHO PUTS THOSE ON THE CURB?!

(am I envious? mayyyyybe)

@kelbot this is amazing what is this marvel of a juicer called and how can I find one 😳

@cm2 😁 This one is called the Juice-O-Mat. There are some sifferent but mostly similar variations of this, some called Juice-O-Matic. If you are in the USA they are pretty common. I've seen quite a few of them at vintage/antique/flea markets. You may have to look around a bit to find one in good shape though.

@kelbot Back when they knew how to make things to last! My Sanyo rice cooker is over 50 years old and is going strong multiple times a week!

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