Kid funny 

We were doing some activities in this magazine that the kids get in the mail. There was a spread of a forest scene and you are supposed to look at the clues that animals leave behind and figure out what animal left the clue.

One of the clues was a hole in a tree.

Me: What animal do you think made a hole in that tree?

5yo: Asians

Me: ??? Asians?

5 yo: Yep, Asians.

Me: Ummm, ok can you explain what you mean by that?

5 yo: There are these bugs from Asia that make holes in trees.

Me: Ohhhhhhh

There is a whole episode of the Wild Kratts animal show on PBS that he's seen where they learn about woodpeckers and an invasive beetle from Asia. X-) He just forgot to say the beetle part.

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