I know I've gushed about it here before, maybe multiple times even. But DAMN I really love Low Tech Magazine. I want more of this type of stuff. Rad old, obscure and clever technology and ideas many of which could still be relevant today. If you know of any other websites or other mediums in the same vein I'd love to hear about it.

Meanwhile, I think I'll order the print version of Low Tech Magazine to support them.

Oh neat, creator of Low Tech Magazine Kris De Decker also has a project exploring human power called the Human Power Plant.

@kelbot Have you checked out the Country Wisdom Bulletins? Not free but good reads.

@sparcipx Cool, thanks! Looks like they have a lot of freely available shorter articles on the site too.

@kelbot You're welcome. Our favourite local indie bookseller here in town usually stocks the big compilations, we got hooked pretty fast.

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