We picked up those vtech walkie talkies for the kids this evening because they had them at a local store. These things are pretty dang cool and were only $24. They act like normal walkie talkies of course but have some other fun features. They have a little monochrome lcd that is like 2 inches and it's readable in ambiant/sunlight. Aside from talking they can send little animated messages between them and there are 4 simple 2 player games they can play over the walkie talkies. On top of that they run on AAA batteries so it will be easy to just keep swapping rechargeables as they run them down. They are loving them. Haven't put them down since we opened them.

They are just a keyboard away from being a cybiko, lol.

Little power efficient walkie talkie, messaging, entertainment devices that work over 2 way radio. I want an adult version of these X-).

@kelbot Think I saw a link recently to an article where someone built one with #LoRa and #RaspberryPi things.

@kelbot I was just thinking we need a few pairs of these at the makerspace (at least one to disassemble of course)

@paeneultima If you only talk to one person and they stay within 500 ft of you lol.

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