The minidisc deck is here! It's mostly good but the disc eject is having issues. It will only eject the disc on its own about 1/10 times. There's a little nub that sticks out the top of the mechanism that you can use your fingernail to help it and it ejects fine. Playing works great, recording works great and it's in excellent condition overall. My guess until digging some more is that the grease may be a little dried up so there's too much friction for the motor to consistently push the disc out.

Not sure whether it was on purpose or not but they left a minidisc in the drive that looks brand new.


It is really nice having a minidisc deck permanently hooked up rather than fiddling with plugging a portable unit in all the time.

I tried recording a vinyl record straight to a minidisc with the new deck and the results sound quite good! There is still some tweaking to figure out the best flow for recording vinyl. The deck has a level adjustment that I didn't even discover until afer I recorded so the test disc is a little too quiet but still sounds good. The deck also might be able to auto-detect tracks but I haven't tested that yet.

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