This is a nice thing to hear from the Panic team themselves about their game "store" that they are working on for the Playdate.

"We went with the name Catalog to signal that it’s not meant to
be a monolithic, App Store style warehouse of all Playdate games. We think it’s
good to have many ways of installing games: Itch, people distributing them on
their own websites, or friends sharing their creations with each other. So
Catalog is our own selection of games we think are cool."

@kelbot What's your confidence it'll ship in a reasonable amount of time? After several bad preorder experiences I'm very hesitant to preorder hardware anymore, and it doesn't appear Panic has any experience with hardware, though I guess they're partnering with someone (whom I haven't heard of) for the hardware part.

@freakazoid Thare are at least 30k people that have received theirs already I think. It is slow going but they are shipping steadily. If you were to order now its probably going to be a pretty long wait.

@freakazoid @kelbot They're still shipping "Group 2"

I ordered on 07/29/21 and I'm in Group 3.

Group 3 is supposed to ship "2022" and Group 4 is supposed to ship "late 2022" (and group 4 "later 2022")

If October isn't "late" ....?

@ajroach42 @freakazoid I guess not but I saw a bunch of people on reddit and a couple on fedi that got their shipping notification yesterday that are in group 3.

@kelbot @freakazoid I missed it, but I got an email too.

"Hi!! We're getting closer to shipping your Group #3 Playdate!"

@ajroach42 @kelbot Ah, if they're already shipping them at all, that's a good sign. Then it's just a matter of manufacturing capacity.

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