I want to find a job where I get paid to just be generally good at *things*. Nothing specific, not great, not an expert, but pretty good. Like pick a random thing and I'll probably be pretty good at it. Pay me for that please.

@kelbot Like in the 1800s and early 1900s when you could just be a "Scientist". No field of expertise, just a scientific generalist.

@kelbot As the engineer in a television station, that was pretty much how things went.

I'd be happy to replace a toilet flush valve, then put new heads in a Beta machine. Next moment, I'd be dashing 30miles north to fix a 2 million watt transmitter that was acting up.

No two days were ever alike, and I always said I got paid a great deal of money to play all day! 😁

@GoatsLive Sounds kind of similar to my last job in the "technology" dept of a big school district. I'd fix hardware, install software, troubleshoot software, make ethernet cables, pull wire, mount cameras, install racks etc etc.. Always something different and so many different tasks all the time that were different. The variety was what I liked best about that job.

@kelbot Sadly it seems to be rare anyone wants things fixed or done competently, just cheaply and obediently. So better to hire a drone for peanuts and everything falls apart.

@kelbot Haha, that's IT in a small company. "You're good at things, can you figure out what's wrong with the copier? The vending machine? This toilet?"

@CarlCravens I've had a couple jobs pretty much like this but didn't feel like they paid enough for how much I was relied on. Like if all this stuff needs to be done and nobody else can do any of it then pay me more than getting by money!

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