Got a wild hair and wrote a glog post today. Then another that my mind wouldn't let go got written. I was about to post two glog posts in one day but then I decided no, the second one will go in the next instead.


(the gemini community zine I put together)

I've got an article I wrote and hidden gems ready to go and I'm working on putting the next issue together. If anyone would like to submit anything for this issue hit me up.

Submission Ideas: Hidden Gem picks (capsules you really like), an essay/piece/whatever you want to write about, something creative that I haven't even thought of.

@kelbot is there any deadline in mind for the next smolZINE? Have a cool idea in mind for the recreational section, but I want have time this week to work on it 😖

@dook Not a deadline per se but I was planning on getting this issue out in the next couple days. Take your time though and it can go in the next issue as well.

@kelbot awesome. I should be able to come up with content for a good few issues at once hopefully!

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