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If you remember this record from this morning, I'm now below 30 and I would like to try and sell out of run 1 of #vinyl before midnight PST (the end of #BandcampFriday). So, my friends, we've got just shy of 5 hours. Help spread the word please!

#indie #music #electronicmusic #nineinchnails #NIN #industrial #8bit #retro

Hmm... Can one cite old toots kind of like quote tweeting? I have no idea and we're about to find out.

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Hello! Have you been enjoying the #demoscene productions from the past year? (Ok, I haven't been posting enough of them... but some others have and I have boosted them... when I see them...)

Well, perhaps you'd like to add your voice to the jurors to determine who we present as a selection of "awesome stuff from the past year to celebrate!"
(which is the purpose of the Meteoriks awards. Not "THIS ONE IS THE BEST ALL OTHERS SUCK" - so if you want to push your favorite, kindly make your own list and publish that instead (: )

If you would like to do that, here's were to sign up!

#demoscene #meteoriks

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Reforming the capacitors in the power supply of a Data General Nova 1200 I picked up recently. Don't normally do the reforming thing but the sheer number of screw-can caps (and the size and terminal spacing) make it annoying and expensive to replace them. So far, so good!

Compo submissions for Demosplash 2022 are now open at and will close at **23:59 EST (UTC-05:00) on Friday 18 November 2022**.

🏆 As always, we do accept remote submissions, and remote attendees are eligible to win prizes as long as they're in a place we can ship to. We're looking forward to seeing everyone's great prods on the big screen in just a few weeks!

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Yo just a reminder for my #demoscene folks, Demosplash registration is open and it's in less than a month. They feed you, there are compos, they screen excellent prods, you can be among your people, the retro game room is great, and they even feed you.

CMU, Pittsburgh PA, Nov 18-19.

#chiptune #retro #hacking #hack #tech #technology #code #coding #retrocomputing #retrogaming #hashtags

Working on a composite video mod for this PAL Atari 2600. I'm looking forward to finally being able to screen VCS content at 2022 in a few weeks!

Whenever I hear music from the 90s and 2000s that I remember, it makes me think about an idealized version of being a teenager in America that wasn't the youth I actually lived.

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So the other day I got a lovely new toy: An EO 440 Personal Comminicator running the Go PenPoint operating system! I haven’t been able to play with it yet, but I’ve learned a lot about how to develop for it. #retrocomputing #penpoint

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Gabby isn't impressed by the pending Twitter acquisition, and reminded me that it's been a while since I posted here.

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I have been doing a very bad job of watching this account. No time like the present.

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PSA: If you are using an Android phone, and you have Microsoft Teams installed, and you're not logged into Microsoft Teams on that phone: please uninstall it, or you won't be able to call 911!

No, I am not making this up:

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This week, the U.S. attorney's office uncovered one of the largest modern slavery operations in the US, right here in South Georgia.

Investigation revealed hundreds of Georgia farm workers have been trafficked, exploited, and abused by their employers.

Georgia’s Department of Agriculture, the Agriculture Commissioner — they had the ability to investigate and penalize these exploitative employers.

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I was reading old hacker magazines and stumbled across this article written by the cr6 guy chris mckinstry

I found an appropriately sized display for this thing.

And now it's installed and working. I'm fixing this machine for someone and replaced a dead 40MB Quantum hard disk with this.

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SCSI2SD installation for a Quadra 605. 3D printing is cool but scrap wood is free and I can do 2 saw cuts and drill some screw holes faster than I can print something.

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