This machine hasn't been booted since 2014, a bad mouse blew the PS/2 port fuse and it sat in my repair pile, got moved to the new house, and finally got a new fuse tonight.

@ajroach42 Honestly, the most positive thing to come out of this year is that all the extra time at home has gotten me through a lot of my backlog of broken retro computers.

@lroop @ajroach42 What version of OS/2 is that? For a long time I pinned my hopes and day to day computing on that system.

@jeffnik @ajroach42 It's version 2.1. When I set this machine up I had a couple of old PCs running Windows but no OS/2 boxes, so I thought it would be appropriate for the IBM machine.

@jauntywunderkind420 Yeah. Unfortunately the drives are bad for leaky SMD electrolytic caps. I have 3 drives I need to recap sometime. The Mitsubishi drives hold up better than Alps but at this point they're all 25+ years old. You can see the damage I'm talking about in this photo - see the corroded legs on the two resistors at the bottom? Cap electrolyte is quite corrosive, if it gets bad enough it can eat the board.

@lroop what an absolutely stunning machine! That top-loader floppy drive is incredible. Does it push to open/close or something?

@ticky Yes, there's a latching mechanism behind the drive, the drive flips out an inch or two so you can get a disk into it.

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