12 megabyte hard drive. 512 gigabyte NVMe for scale.

Correction: I have been informed that this is in fact a 24MB drive despite being in a box labeled 12MB. The 12 meg version was the same size, just with one platter instead of two.

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@lroop It took me a minute or two of staring before I found the NVME! It hides so well on that drive belt cover.

@inanedirk @drewzero1 @lroop LOL I thought it was the label of that black thing hahahahahah my god...

@ekaitz_zarraga @inanedirk @drewzero1 Yeah, it fits in there surprisingly well. The black thing is a guard for the belt and pulleys - this drive uses an AC motor and a belt to spin the platters.

@inanedirk @ekaitz_zarraga @drewzero1 @lroop Even crazier now since we have several 1TB microSD cards under $30. This xkcd is beginning to look really dated:

I could lose one of those things in my pocket.

@Seirdy @ekaitz_zarraga @inanedirk @lroop The comic still resonates with me; as someone who carried the majority of my (text) documents on a single DSHD floppy disk well into high school, I continue to feel a sense of awe and some intimidation when faced with such extreme data storage density.

I think i have some hard drive plators that might be even bigher then this drive. Any idea how big the ones in the picture are?

@Twelve This is a 14 inch drive, which appears to be the platter diameter since the whole unit measures 16.6*21.9*5.2"

@lroop wholy crabs, without the alt I would never have found the nvme xD it just looks like a label for the arm thingy thing xD

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