I need enriching book suggestions. I find most books to either be too catered to teenagers or have the "blue-check-liberal" tone of voice -

Recently, I enjoyed The Dispossessed by Ursula K Le Guin and I've enjoyed mostly non-fiction up to this point.

I am interested in finding good nonfiction in:
- neurology
- / nutrition
- alcohol and its affects on the brain long-term
- the baby boomer lead theory
- technology / offline technology
- / urban farming
- biographies of actual interesting people and not just ceos and presidents whitewashing their history

And I am interested in good fiction:
- fantasy series
- someone accessible sci-fi (if it's too out there I can't pay attention)
- slice of life stories

absolutely no magic teenager / young adult stuff

Any suggestions?

Hi everyone, first time on Mastodon. Thanks to @ajroach42 for inviting me.

I'm into , , , , , and . also .

here's a picture I took when I was in Iceland last fall. πŸ‘‹

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